Choose to rent long-term or during summer.. or mix and match!

More work, more income
Summer rentals

Summer rentals are always a little bit chaotic, but we work hard to ensure that it’s as streamlined as possible for you, the owner.

Easy to get started Long-term rentals

Long-term rentals are our bread and butter. We work hard to ensure that we get all of our properties occupied as quickly as we can.

Just sit back and watch the money come in.

Want to enjoy the sun? Winter rentals

Ideal for those who want to enjoy their own property in the summer – or those who want to maximize their earnings.

Earning passive income has never been easier

Whether it be long, medium or short term rentals,

earning income from your second property has never been as easy as it is with Purview.

Summer rentals

Summer rentals are the big earners. It’s not unheard of to earn your monthly winter prices in a week in summer, such is the demand, but with this high income comes lots more responsibility.

Summer is a high-pressure environment with a high turnover of clientele. Once your property is registered with the Tourism Board (a service we offer) both ourselves and you as the owner need to be on the ball. If there are any damages or breakages, we can’t replace or repair them without your go-ahead.

Think of it as you’re the CEO and we’re the Manager – we can operate autonomously without a problem, but the big decisions will always fall to you.

Long-term rentals

Long-term rentals on the other hand are lower income with lower responsibility. We will advertise until we source tenants for your property, then write up a contract, written in Spanish as required by law with English translations which will need to be signed by both parties.

Once all is signed, the tenant moves in and all but the largest of problems (structural/faulty white goods etc.) are theirs to deal with.

You can then either pass the bills on to us and we’ll forward them to the tenant, or for longer-term tenants (12 months+) we can arrange for the bills to be charged from their bank accounts.

Then, that’s it! Sit back and let your passive income come to you.

Winter rentals

Winter rentals are ideal for owners who want to use their own property in summers, and for those who want to maximize their earnings and take on summer rentals too.

These work much like long-terms, but the contract has a fixed end date – this could be anywhere from three to ten months away. We don’t offer the option to change billing details in this case – you’d forward on your utility bills and the tenant would reimburse you.

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